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Aerobic Septic Systems

Installation of an aerobic septic system involves a specific process developed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Standard septic systems made up of septic tanks and field drain lines tend to become ineffective after a short period of time because of the non-absorbing red clay found in the East Texas area.When these systems become ineffective it can result in the surfacing of unsanitary waste which can pose health risks to you and your family. Following the steps of the TECQ′s installation process ensures that your system will operate properly and safely.

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Steps required for the installation of an aerobic septic system, also called an on–site sewage facility (OSSF):

Have a site evaluation performed by an OSSF designer. This evaluation will determine a site′s suitability for a particular OSSF system and identify all features in the area where the system is to be installed that could be contaminated by the OSSF or could prevent the proper operation of the system. Your designer will work with you in determining where tanks, electrical boxes, sprinkler heads, etc. will need to be placed.
Average cost: $200 to $400.

Obtain the required permit. The next step is to submit the site evaluation and other necessary paperwork to your local permitting authority. This permit is required before any installation can begin.
Average cost: $300 to $400

Helpful links if you live in Angelina County:
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    » ACCHD′s Application for On–Site Facility New Construction

Contact Truss and Son Plumbing. Your OSSF system is an investment that will provide your home with safe, effective waste treatment for many years if properly installed and maintained. It is wise to get estimates from a couple of licensed installers. At Truss and Son Plumbing, you′re guaranteed quality work at a competitive price. Our OSSF installers are licensed by the State of Texas and attend periodic continued education courses in order to stay current on any chages in TECQ policy.

Maintain all records of your OSSF installation and maintenance. Truss and Sons Plumbing provides a two–year maintenance contract with all new OSSF installations. Retain your copy of the contract with your other installation paperwork.

Your service contract. During the two–year period that your maintenance contract is in effect, Truss and Son Plumbing will routinely inspect components of the system to make sure they are working properly. After the initial two years, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to renew a service contract which is required in order to comply with TECQ regulations.

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your system operating safely and effectively. Follow these TECQ recommended "dos and don′ts" to ensure the proper maintenance of your OSSF:


  • Have your tank pumped and cleaned every two to three years by a registered sludge hauler.
  • Learn more about conserving water. (For water conservation tips, click here.)
  • Check your toilet(s) periodically for leaks. Add a water–based dye to the tank and see if the dye appears in the toilet bowl within 10 minutes (without flushing the toilet).


  • Build over any part of your on–site sewage disposal system. Examples of items not to construct over your system: driveways, barns, storage buildings, sidewalks, and patios.
  • Drive or park vehicles over the OSSF.
  • Add chemical additives or the so–called enzymes into your OSSF. Some of these additives may even be harmful to the tank′s operation.
  • Use the toilet to dispose of cleaning tissues, cigarette butts, or other trash. This disposal practice will waste water and burden the treatment system with an undesirable load of solids.

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